What is Defect Life Cycle?

Defect Tracking Life Cycle: Once the Build is delivered to the testing team. The testing team takes the responsibility of writing the test cases and executing the test cases with the build provided. Testing team logs the defect if they find any.

The Defect Life cycle contains below mentioned list of steps . They are


New : The first stage of the defect life cycle, where in the tester raises the defect and the “New” status will be created in the Defect reporting tool against the tester name .
Assigned : This Defect will be analysed by the development head and assigns the defect to the appropriate developer who is responsible for the module development.
Open : The “Open” status will be displayed as open when the defect is assigned to the respective developer.
Fixed : The “Fixed” status will be displayed in the Defect tracking tool when the developer fixes the defect and changes the status to “Fixed” in the Defect tracking tool.
Rejected: This status will be given by the developer as the Defect is not a valid one. Developer gives the respective comments about the defect.
Reopen: The tester reopens the status because the developer gives the status as “Fixed” however the Defect has not been fixed. So, the Tester reopens the defect and changes the status to “Reopen” status.
Closed: After retesting the defect again the tester changes the status from “Fixed” to “Closed”. Another way is when the Developer says this defect is not a valid one then the tester accepts the same and changes the defect to the “Rejected” to the “Closed” status.

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