Constructors in Java

Constructor in java is a special method that is responsible for initializing the object.

Rules to create Java Constructor :
Basically there are differences between method and constructor.

  1. Name of the constructor should be same as the class name.
  2. Constructor should not have explicit return type.
  3. A constructor will be called implicitly when the new instance of object is created.

Types of Java Constructors :
1.Default constructor
2.Parameterized constructor

1.Java Default constructor : A constructor with no parameters or arguments are known as Default constructor in Java.

syntax of Default constructor :

Example of Default Constructor :


Zero Constructor Example In Java

  1. Java Parameterized constructor : A Constructor which contains parameters is known as Parameterized constructor.

syntax of Parameterized constructor :

Example of parameterized Constructor :

Parameterized Constructor Example In Java

Points to Remember :

  1. If we donot create an constructor, Java compiler takes the responsibility of creating an default constructor.

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